Green Tangerines

Meet Green Tangerines; a 5 piece ensemble whose sound nods respectively to 70s Jazz Fusion, whilst simultaneously carving their own path in the UK Jazz scene of today. Comprised of – saxophonist and vocalist Sarah Sands, trumpet player Sam Taylor, guitarist Jack O’Hanlon, bassist Fran Mills and drummer, Tom Hudson – Green Tangerines have been making their name in their adopted home Liverpool.


Sarah Sands

Hey, I’m Sarah and I’m from the Emerald Isle originally. I’ve been super fortunate growing up that there’s been music in my family, mainly Blues and Irish Folk surprisingly! My dad has always been very helpful to take me to gigs from no age and playing in his blues band, which started my love of music. Since moving to Liverpool and being surrounded by its great jazz and music scene, along with meeting the Tangerines has really helped us find our musical voice so to speak!

When Sarahs not playing sax you can find her petting a dog or out for a cycle

Sam Taylor

Hey I’m Sam, I’m from Cheltenham but now live and play music in Liverpool. My love for music stemmed from being thrown into big bands that I most definitely was not qualified to be in, but gave me the opportunity to work with musicians such as Guy Barker and to perform at amazing venues such as Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, Royal Albert Hall and the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

Since then I have moved to Liverpool and found myself surrounded by this amazing bunch of people who so happen to like making noises in a similar style to me.

Jack O’Hanlon

Hi, I’m Jack and I’m from Ireland. I started playing seriously at 16 when I started playing in blues bands and joined a few big bands at home. That’s when I got really into it. After moving to Liverpool I became obsessed with bands like Steely Dan and Toto and got super into the Jazz scene in Liverpool.

After finding a bunch of like minded people here I started playing non stop.

Fran Mills

Hey, I’m Fran! I’m from a little village in Lancashire. I absolutely fell in love with the bass the minute I first played one. I have a fairly classical background, initially playing piano. Early 20th century music is still a huge interest of mine, but my heart and soul are in funk and jazz. Since coming to Liverpool I’ve loved being able to play with so many weird and wonderful musicians!

When I’m not pulling my signature grumpy bass face you’ll probably find me reading and eating banana pancakes.

Tom Hudson

Hi, I’m Tom! I come from all over. I first started on the piano when I was about 7 and then quickly got into the idea of drumming. When I was around 8 I was convinced and also fell in love with the marimba. I grew up playing all kinds of music at school, singing in choirs, playing in orchestras and big bands, so my influences are super mixed. But alas, I’ve fallen for the funk.

Since moving to Liverpool I’ve fallen in love with the city and the music scene. And I love all the people I get to play with.

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